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Murray Management Consulting

CFO Services to Early Stage High Tech

Mark Murray provides business advisory services to early stage high tech companies. Acting in the role of Chief Financial Officer, Mark will oversee all aspects of a Company’s finances and administration.

Specific areas in which Mark adds value to new enterprises includes:

  • Recruitment of investors and management of the due diligence and close process;
  • Preparation and reporting of budgets, multi-year projections and financial results;
  • Preparation for and attendance at meetings of the Board and Audit Committees;
  • Identification, tracking and reporting of Key Performance Indicators;
  • Implementation and supervision of sales pipeline and forecasting methodologies;
  • Implementation and supervision of financial processes and controls;
  • Prepare draft financial statements and support to the external financial statement audit process;
  • Recruitment and management of business partners and other key suppliers; and
  • Recruitment and supervision of finance and administrative staff.

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